Dr. Mark Mangelson believes that the overall goal of all dental and medical professionals is to maintain the health and well-being of the patient. As such, Mangelson is very much in favor of a coordinated and collaborative effort between dental specialists and referring doctors. His intent is to provide the best possible periodontal care and return patients back to their referring doctor for long-term medical and dental needs.

At Salt Lake Implants & Periodontics, we value the trust you show in us by referring patients to our care. We are committed to meeting, and even exceeding, your expectations of excellence as we work together to provide the best and most effective plan of treatment for dental patients. We hope that you will think of us first when you have need to refer to a periodontist.

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Dr. Mangelson is our Board Certified periodontist in Salt Lake City, Utah. This means that he received additional training beyond dental school to address issues with gum disease and assist you with dental implants. Because oral health is tied so closely with other aspects of your well-being, you should call Salt Lake Implants & Periodontics at 801-266-3519 as soon as you are diagnosed with periodontal issues. Our team will help you plan your visit with Dr. Mangelson.